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Precision Stamping The Practicality Of Design And Manufacture Is Very Important

Precision Stamping technology is widely used, such as car body, chassis, motor, electrical appliances are used in Precision Stamping processing, and now precision stamping products are widely used, but in the development process of Precision Stamping will also face many problems.

Precision Stamping design and manufacture of six major problems:

1, mold design and manufacturing technology

Precision Stamping design and manufacturing technology innovation is not enough, many advanced molds in the key design connotation and technology as well as the manufacturing process of "knowhow" and other basic technology, theory and core technology, resulting in the overall level of mold difficulties, always in the technical follow-up and tracking stage, To reach even beyond the international advanced level is also lack of related design and manufacture of basic technology support.

2, the life of the mold

Due to the influence of mould material, heat treatment technology and manufacturing assembly technology, the life of stamping die in China is generally lower than the international advanced level, the gap is over 30%. In particular, a low grinding life led to increased mold maintenance times, reducing the precision metal stamping parts production efficiency, increase the cost of mold maintenance, and thus affect the market competitiveness of Chinese molds.

3, mold testing technology and mold reliability aspects

The model is a comprehensive experiment, evaluation and adjustment process of die after the design and manufacture of Precision Stamping, which is the concentrated exposure process of die design and manufacture, and also a comprehensive reflection of stamping die design, manufacturing technology and professionals. And the reliability and stability of the die design and manufacture of the quality of the evaluation benchmark and the normal use of the mold guarantee. Because of China's lack of multi-position and multi-function stamping die design, manufacturing process of stealth knowledge and technology accumulation in-depth excavation, so compared with the international advanced Mold Enterprises, China's multi-position and multi-function stamping die testing, mold use of the adjustment and maintenance time increased by more than 30%. Comparing with foreign countries, we are studying the cutting-edge technology of die-free program, and the gap between mold testing technology and the reliability and stability of die is obvious.

4, the basic theory of mold and key technical aspects

Precision Stamping Design and manufacturing Division A highly practical technology, China has long been concerned about the practicality of mold design and manufacturing, but due to the basic theory and technical research of the stamping die, the basic theory and technological development of die design and manufacture are slow. Combined with the professional division of stamping Die Enterprises is not enough detail, small, large mold enterprises also dominate, the core competitiveness of enterprises is difficult to form, Enterprise's own technology and innovation ability behind the foreign advanced mold enterprises. In addition, die materials, standard parts and other mold basic technology backward, directly affect the China multi-station and multi-functional stamping die the overall technical level. Therefore, there are many weak points in the basic technical support of multi-station and multifunction stamping die.

5. New mould technology and its development

As new technology emerges, foreign stamping dies from the conventional single-pair progressive die to multi-functional combination of molds, production lines supporting the combination of mold tooling, special large-scale progressive die and micro-parts stamping mold, and other direction, while the majority of Chinese enterprises will still focus on the conventional single-pair progressive die serialization and industrialization, Has not mastered the special High-tech molds such as special large-scale high-precision, ultra-high-speed stamping, ultra-thin, super and micro-shaped parts forming stamping die key technology, the multi-functional composite die design is not much. Therefore, China also needs to continue to carry out the key technology research of new mould, expand its Application field, and lay a good foundation for catching up with international advanced level.

6. Basic Parts and Accessories

Multi-position and multi-function stamping die base parts and components are the basic conditions for the rapid development of the overall mold, and China due to heat treatment, materials, standard parts and other mold basic components and supporting technology and quality level is lower, high-grade mold base parts and accessories mainly rely on imports. Therefore, China urgently needs to improve the technical and quality level of the basic parts and components of mould.

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