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Precision Stamping Product Range Is Very Wide

Precision stamping die technology is widely used, such as car body, chassis, electrical, electrical appliances are made of precision stamping die processing, and now precision stamping products are widely used, but in the precision stamping die development process Will also face many problems.

    Precision stamping die design and manufacture of six major problems:

    1, mold design and manufacturing technology

    Precision stamping die design and manufacturing technology innovation is not enough, many advanced molds in the key design content and technology and manufacturing process in the "KNOWHOW" and other basic technology, theory and core technology is not enough, resulting in the overall level of mold difficult to upgrade, always in the technical follow-up With the tracking stage, to achieve even beyond the international advanced level also lack the relevant design and manufacture of basic technology support.

    2, the life of the mold

    Due to the impact of mold materials, heat treatment technology and manufacturing and assembly technology and other related factors, China's stamping die life is generally lower than the international advanced level, the gap in more than 30%. In particular, a low grinding life caused by a small increase in the number of mold maintenance, reducing the precision metal stamping parts production efficiency, an increase of the cost of mold maintenance, and thus affect the competitiveness of China's mold market.

    3, the mold of the mold technology and mold reliability aspects

    The mold is a comprehensive experiment, evaluation and adjustment process of the mold after the design and manufacture of the precision stamping die. It is the centralized exposure process of the mold design and manufacturing problem. It is also the comprehensive reflection of the stamping die design, the manufacturing technology and the professional staff. The mold reliability and stability of the mold design and manufacturing quality is good or bad evaluation of the benchmark and the normal use of mold protection. As China lacks the deep excavation of the stealth knowledge and technology accumulation in the design and manufacturing process of multi-station and multi-function stamping die, compared with the international advanced mold enterprises, China's multi-station and multi-function stamping die test mode, Mold use in the adjustment and maintenance time increased by 30% or more. Contrast abroad is currently studying the mold cutting-edge technology without test mode, China's mold in the mold technology and mold reliability and stability of the gap is obvious.

    4, the basic theory of mold and key technical aspects

    Precision stamping die design and manufacturing division of a very practical expertise, for a long time, China's mold design and manufacturing practice very seriously, but because of the stamping die basic theory and technical research is not enough attention, resulting in mold design and manufacturing Basic theory and technology development is slow. Coupled with the stamping die enterprise specialized division of labor is not enough refinement, small and large, large and the whole mold business also dominates the enterprise's core competitiveness is difficult to form, the enterprise own technology and innovation ability behind the advanced mold enterprises abroad The In addition, mold materials, standard parts and other basic technology behind the mold, a direct impact on China's multi-station and multi-functional stamping die of the overall technical level. Therefore, there are many weak links in the technical support of multi-station and multi-function stamping dies.

    5, the new mold technology and its expansion

    With the new technology and new products continue to emerge, foreign stamping die from the conventional single-step into the mold to the multi-functional combination of molds, production lines supporting the combination of mold tooling, large-scale progressive die and micro parts stamping molding mold and other direction, and Most of the Chinese enterprises will continue to focus on the conventional single-class progressive die serialization and industrialization, has not yet master the special sophisticated molds such as large high-precision, ultra-high-speed stamping, ultra-thin, super and fine parts Forming stamping die of the key technology, multi-functional composite die is also designed not much. Therefore, China also need to continue to carry out the new mold of key technology research, expand its application areas, to catch up with the international advanced level to lay the foundation.

    6, basic parts and accessories

    Multi-station and multi-functional stamping die base parts and accessories is the basic conditions for the rapid development of the mold as a whole, and China due to heat treatment, materials, standard parts and other basic parts of the mold and supporting technology and low quality, high-grade mold Basic parts and accessories mainly rely on imports. Therefore, China urgently needs to improve the mold base parts and accessories of the technical and quality level.

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