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Precision Stamping Improve Labor Productivity And Improve Working Conditions

Precision Stamping technology is the modern stamping production of advanced manufacturing technology, it will high-speed press technology, high-precision die technology, high-quality products, materials, intelligent control technology and other high-tech integration as one. At present, modern advanced manufacturing technology is the theme of research and development in the world, especially in the highly developed market economy today, it is occupying a very important position.

Precision Stamping technology is mainly based on the use of sheet metal processing products, high-speed press equipment, precision progressive die, high-quality coil material composed of three basic elements, and in the open-book device, leveling device, feeding device, material lubrication device, Equipment, the device, the receiving device and other automated peripheral equipment under the coordinated connection, according to the stamping process into a combination of stamping automated production lines. Stamping automation not only can greatly improve labor productivity, improve working conditions, reduce costs, but also can effectively ensure that stamping production in the personal safety, fundamentally change the stamping of the production. It is widely used in the fields of electronics, communications, automobile, machinery, military, light industry, electrical appliances, instrumentation, medical equipment, automation equipment and household electrical appliance manufacturing. In the rail transportation, aerospace, new energy and other products manufacturing applications are more and more widely.

Precision stamping die design and manufacturing division of a very practical expertise, for a long time, China's mold design and manufacturing practice very seriously, but because of the stamping die basic theory and technical research attention is not enough, leading to mold design and manufacturing Basic theory and technology development is slow. Coupled with the stamping die enterprise specialized division of labor is not enough refinement, small and large, large and the whole mold business also dominates the enterprise's core competitiveness is difficult to form, the enterprise own technology and innovation ability behind the advanced mold enterprises abroad The In addition, mold materials, standard parts and other die-based technology behind,Precision Stamping a direct impact on China's multi-station and multi-functional stamping die overall technical level. Therefore, there are many weak links in the technical support of multi-station and multi-function stamping dies.

 With the new technology and new products continue to emerge, foreign stamping die from the conventional single-step into the mold to the multi-functional combination of molds, production lines supporting the combination of mold tooling, large-scale progressive die and micro parts stamping molding mold and other direction, and Most of the Chinese enterprises will continue to focus on the conventional single-class progressive die serialization and industrialization, has not yet master the special high-precision molds such as large high-precision,Precision Stamping ultra-high-speed stamping, ultra-thin, super and fine parts Forming stamping die of the key technology, multi-functional composite die is also designed not much. Therefore, China also need to continue to carry out the new mold of key technology research, expand its application areas, to catch up with the international advanced level to lay the foundation.

The precision punch is usually made of high grade, high strength cast iron and subjected to stress tempering and natural aging. This ensures that the deformation coefficient is small and high in rigidity, and the high speed press is usually suitable for stamping thin and high precision products. If the stamping accuracy is not high but the thickness is relatively thin with a high-speed punch can also greatly improve the production efficiency.

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