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Motor Stator Rotor Core Punch Die
Basic Info
  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Processing Type: Shaping Metal

  • Surface Processing: Electroplating

  • Process: Forming Process

  • Tolerances: 0.01mm

  • Type: Cold Stamping

  • Mould: Multistep Progressive Dies

  • Fine Blanking: Multi-Position

  • Industry: Metal Stamping Parts

  • Customized: Customized

Product Description
motor stator rotor core punch die

ISO9001;2008 certificated 
Japan high technology 
motor stator rotor lamintion core stamping 

Foshan shy motor core stamping die company is one of China 's leading motor stator rotor progressive die manufacturers of custom metal stampings. We supply critical parts to many top U.S. corporations and offer logistics solutions and secondary operations as well.
 Shy motor core die was founded in Shenzhen in 1995. We have built a reputation as a top supplier of precision motor core die. Our motor stator rotor mould are consistently high quality and reasonably priced. We pride ourselves on adjusting and adapting to customers' needs. Our secondary services add value to your tool.
Shy motor core stamping die company is an integrated manufacturing company, specializing in development, design, manufacture of motor stator rotor stamping mould, motor lamination cutting die , as well as finished products assembly which applicantion for Household appliances motor , kitchenware motor, transportation tool motor, digital & telecommunication motor products etc. The company is located in foshan City, Guangdong province of China which is close to shunde port, it is very convenient to transportation.
Shy motor core die has a group of experienced designer, engineer and technician. High quality standard, competitive price, on time delivery, and responsible after-sales service are the principle that we follow to develop the mutual trust and confidence with our domestic and international clients.
We believe in shy motor core die will to be the top in the word by the advanced management concept and experienced workmanship, with the concept of "quality and technology is the soul of products", we sincerely hope to create prosperous business hand in hand with global customers.

Double row stamping die product layout:

Step 1: Guide hole,stator side slot,rotor shaft hole; Step 2: rotor slots,center guide hole; Step 3: rotor measurement hole, the second stator side slots hole; Step 4: The first-row side slots hole, rotor revieting ponit; step 5: the second-row rotor strip;  step 6: The first-row rotor strip; Step 7: Empty; Step 8: stator slots hole; Step 9: stator central hole; Step 10: stator measurement hole; Step 11: stator revieting ponit; Step 12: empty  Step13: The second-row stator strip  Step 14: The first-row stator strip

If the  bearings excessive abrasion, you can remove the rusty, coat insulation paint and then heat it; The second one, we can get suitable tool to amend it, and add some hard insulate material between spaces in poor resetting silicon joints; To rusty by dampness, we can use sand paper to polish and clear it, and then coate insulation paint. To the last one, we can take available tools (such as chisels or scraper) to get rid of the deposition cleaned,then coate insulation paint. 

The development of Stator and Rotor:
 How is the updating about motor stator and rotor when they are working on? The rotor is made up of rotor iron core, magnet pole, brass ring, fan and rotation shaft.We can adapt the bearing,motor base and BB cover to make the rotor and stator assembly to be a whole one, which can make rotor revolving in the stator. When the current is into the brass rings, it can make the rotor come to be a revolving magnet.The wire circle of stator is working on moving which we call it magnet wire cutting sports. And then the induced electromotive force from it is been taken out by wire connectors,and then into returning, in which it forms the current. 

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