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Motor Card Reader and Writer (TTCE-M600)

Basic Info

Model NO.:M600Trademark:TTCE

Model: Motor Card Reader and Card Wrtier(RF card/IC card/Magnetic card)

Model No: TTCE-M600

. Read and write card function:
Read/write IC card (memory card/logic encryption card/smart card), RF card, SD card, Magnetic card with ISO standard
. Eject card when power off
When main power is off it can be ejected card out by spare power.
. Antistatic brush: Antistatic brush is installed at the card in/out position, which can clean the dust and static from card.
. Compact configuration
The whole machine includes of three independent modules that easy to disassemble and clean the machine by users.
. Double latch design
A special design to protect the machine as well and prevent foreign things enter into it effectively

. Magnetic standard: Comply with ISO7810, 7811-1 to 6, 7812, 7813, ISO15457
. Contactless Card standard: Comply with ISO14443 Type A and B
. Contact IC card standard: Comply with ISO816
. Communication interface: USB/RS232 port
. Power Supply: 12VDC+/-10%
. Operation temperature: -10 oC to 70 oC
. Operation Humidity: 0-90% RH
. Magnetic head life: 800, 000 passes
. IC card contacts: 500, 000 passes
. Drive part: 500, 000 passes
. Card Size: 85+/-0.5mm(l)*54+/-0.5mm(w)*0.2-2.0mm(h)
. Communication interface: RS232 port
. Dimension: 195.5(l)*91.8mm(w)*76.5mm(h)
. Weight: About 850g

. Self-service terminal
. Multimedia telephone
. Automatic vending machine
. Electric purse
. Recharging machine
. ATM Machine

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