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Metal Stamping Widely Used In Parts Manufacturing

Metal stamping: is a metal cold processing methods, also known as cold stamping or sheet stamping, with the power of stamping equipment, metal sheet in the mold directly under the force forming, stamping parts are widely used in automotive parts manufacturing And the manufacture of household appliances

Metal stamping: is a metal cold processing methods, also known as cold stamping or sheet stamping, with the power of stamping equipment, metal sheet in the mold directly under the force forming, stamping parts are widely used in automotive, digital , Electronic and household appliances, and so on. Is the first four major automobile manufacturing process!

Applicable materials

1. Suitable for most metal sheets, especially for: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper and zinc

Design considerations

1. Stamping metal plate thickness is recommended to control between 0.4mm-2mm (0.02in-0.08in), too thick metal sheet will affect the molding effect

2. Metal stamping restrictions generally come from the machine: machine table size determines the plate size, stamping depth and shape complexity determines the molding speed

(Cut, stretch), after punching blanking, pressure burr, forming, bending in two steps, first of all, the first cut edge, punch lead, puncture, pressure line, hit bumps, tear, Forming half, forming the other half

2) in the punching blanking, the general first red hole, after the red hole; first washed off the surrounding waste, and then fall off other parts of the material: because the red hole if put in the back, then it is in the blank , The red parts around the material on the site may have a gap (in front of the hole has been washed), so that the punch in the stamping process, will cause uneven force (will produce lateral force),Metal Stamping the original hole Chongzi strength is very weak, coupled with uneven force, very easy to break, of course, this is only most of the situation, sometimes according to the actual situation needs, small holes can only row behind, but the way is still some, if the red thickness Too small, can be added reinforcement: A: the use of stripping precision guide; B: red with PG (optical grinding) processing.

4: to determine whether to use cutting edge:

Cutting edge is generally used in continuous mold and blanking mold, and its role from the rough positioning, in the test mode to facilitate feeding; some cutting edge also has the role of red shape, if the mold first punch pinhole, then immediately Guide needle guide is generally not cut edge; no guide needle, the first cut edge, used to set the distance, generally used in the fall of the blanks in the blanking mode.

Cut the edge of the shape of the following:

A: This punch is often used in blanking mold and thick cut edge, the positioning accuracy is low, its length = step distance, width as long as the strength can be guaranteed Chong, often take 3.0 ~ 6.0

B: this punch head has a 3/4 of the arc (R often take 0.3 to 0.6), its length <= step, the purpose of cutting edge scrap card in the inside to prevent the dander, commonly used in the rolling material High speed molds

C; this kind of punch with B, it is its change Yi, which the role of V-shaped card used to prevent scraping scraps, its angle is 50 ° ~ 70 °

D: this red cut both cut edge and shape.

The purpose of this step head plays a guiding role, reducing the lateral force.

5: prejudgment, will be broken, but not broken meaning (generally placed in front of the station)

As the hardware electronic products are often electroplating requirements for the plating convenience, rushed out of the small product is not directly blanking, but to make a pre-set in the material, after plating, and then hand or mechanical fold two can be taken down. Pre-cut: both sides have to cut, each side of the deep cut into the thickness of the material for the 4/1, so just fold two (up - down) can be off the product;Metal Stamping pre-cut and into the head Width of 0.02 to 0.05, the angle of 50 ° ~ 70 °, the length of the length of the pre-cut than the length of each side can be 0.2 to 0.5.

Note: In order to facilitate the processing and preparation, as well as the school model, the thickness of the template of each plant is generally standardized, the thickness of the size of the provisions (except for special circumstances), in the continuous mode because the material is the form,Metal Stamping Control the pre-pressure of the tape and the balance of the template, often in the middle of the stripping plate grinding a material groove: the depth of the groove = material thickness -0.03 ~ 0.05 (that is, pre-pressure of 3 to 5) , The width of the groove is 2 ~ 4mm larger than the width of the tape, so the thickness of the material is often changed with the thickness of the material. Its size = thickness of the stripper plate + material thickness -0.03 ~ 0.05 However, in the engineering mold , Generally do not need to wear product trough: because the engineering mold products are generally larger and not as continuous mold material as narrow and slender, that is, engineering die stripping plate thickness is generally the same.

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