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Metal Stamping To Periodically Replace A Tool

Metal stamping is carried out under the condition that the tool is in contact with the workpiece, and the frictional force that prevents the metal from flowing is bound to occur. This occurs between the workpiece and the tool contact surface, blocking the flow of metal friction, called external friction. Because of the effect of friction, the tool produces wear, the workpiece is scraped, the metal deformation force, can increase the deformation of the metal caused by uneven; serious when the workpiece cracks, but also regular replacement tools. Therefore, it is reminded that the stamping and stretching shall be lubricated.

The development of lubrication technology can promote the metal stamping and stretching. With the emergence of new materials of pressure processing new technology, people will be required to solve the new lubrication problems.

Analysis of metal stamping and drawing lubricating oil

The characteristics and functions of friction during metal stamping and drawing

The friction in stamping forming is compared with the friction in mechanical transmission, which has the following characteristics:

(1) friction produced under high pressure. Stamping forming when the contact surface of the unit pressure is very large, the general hot processing surface pressure for 100~150mpa, cold processing can be up to 500~2500mpa. However, in the machine bearing, the contact surface pressure is usually only 20~50mpa, so the high surface pressure makes the lubricant difficult to bring into or easy to squeeze from the deformation area, making the lubrication difficult and special lubrication method.

(2) friction at higher temperatures. The interfacial temperature condition is bad when the stamping is stretched. For hot processing, according to different metals, the temperature between hundreds of degrees to 1000 degrees, for cold processing, because of the deformation effect, surface friction heat, the temperature can reach a relatively high degree. In addition to the internal microstructure and property changes, the metal surface is oxidized and has a great effect on the friction and lubrication.

(3) with the friction caused by stamping deformation, in the process of stamping deformation due to high pressure deformation, will continue to increase the new contact surface, so that the contact conditions between the tool and metal constantly change. The contact surface of the stamping flow is different, some sliding, some sticky, some fast, some slow, so in the contact surface of the friction is not the same.

(4) Friction pair (metal and tool), the nature of the difference is large, the general tools are hard and require no stamping deformation in use, and the metal is not only more flexible than tools, and hope to have a larger stamping deformation. The nature and function of the two are so different that the friction in the deformation is very special.

(5) Deteriorate workpiece surface quality, accelerate die wear, reduce tool life. The relative sliding acceleration tool wear between the contact surfaces during stamping forming, the tool wear is increased by the friction heat, and the uneven deformation and stress will also accelerate the tool wear. In addition, the phenomenon of metal bonding tool not only shortens tool life, increases production cost, but also reduces the surface quality and dimension precision of the products.

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