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Metal Stamping Automated Production Is The Trend Of The Times

When the lubrication layer between the metal and the tool surface is thicker, the friction pair is not in direct contact with each other and is completely separated by a lubricating oil film. The friction occurs between the molecules of the fluid. It is different from the dry friction,Metal Stamping the size of the friction and the surface of the contact surface has nothing to do, but with the fluid viscosity, velocity gradient and other factors. So the friction coefficient of fluid friction is very small. Stamping tension in the contact surface pressure and temperature is high, so that the lubricant is often easy to squeeze out or burned, so the fluid friction only in the condition of the occurrence and role.

This is a friction between dry friction and fluid friction, known as boundary friction.

In the actual production, due to poor friction conditions, the ideal fluid lubrication state is difficult to achieve. In addition, in the stamping drawing, whether it is the surface of the tool, or the blank surface, can not be "clean" surface, always in the medium surrounded, there is always a layer of deposited film on the surface, this film It may be a natural contaminated film, a metal film formed by oily adsorption,Metal Stamping a boundary film formed by physical adsorption, and a chemical reaction film formed by a lubricant. So the ideal dry friction can not exist. In fact, it is often the mixed friction of the above three friction coexistence. It can be semi-dry friction and can be semi-fluid friction. Semi-dry friction is a mixture of boundary friction and dry friction. This friction occurs when there is a small amount of lubricant or other medium between the contact surfaces. Semi-fluid friction is a mixture of fluid friction and boundary friction. When there is a layer of lubricant between the contact surface, in the deformation of individual parts will occur in contact with each other dry friction.

Metal stamping: is a metal cold processing methods,Metal Stamping also known as cold stamping or sheet stamping, with the power of stamping equipment, metal sheet in the mold directly under the force forming, stamping parts are widely used in automotive parts manufacturing And the manufacture of household appliances.

At present, the traditional artificial production line, although the initial investment in the construction is relatively small, but with the expansion of market demand and rising labor costs,Metal Stamping its inherent efficiency is low, poor product quality and other shortcomings more and more affect the development of enterprises The Automated production lines can just solve these problems. High production efficiency,Metal Stamping stable product quality and lower production costs under scale production conditions are the advantages of automated stamping production lines, especially for large body panel production, these advantages are more prominent. In short, the automated production is the trend!

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