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Medical Devices Parts Corrosion Resistance, Hardness, Wear Resistance

In order to avoid the use of corrosion in the course of Medical Devices Parts use, the workpiece uses aluminum oxidation process to improve its corrosion resistance.

Aluminum itself is a relatively strong anti-corrosive substances, but after the oxygen will occur in the aluminum surface of the formation of aluminum oxide oxidation, so a long time will slowly lift his corrosion resistance and resistance, In addition, aluminum is very sensitive to acidic substances, and the acidity will destroy the surface layer of aluminum. Then we need to be oxidized again, add a protective film on the surface, strengthen the corrosion resistance of the surface, Materials or products after surface anodized, the corrosion resistance, hardness, wear resistance, insulation, heat resistance, etc. have greatly improved.

Over the years, implantable Medical Devices Parts devices have become smaller and smaller. Smaller devices can improve patient comfort, implantation of the human body damage is also small. At the same time, smaller devices can reduce the invasive and complexity of surgery, both to facilitate the operation of doctors, but also easier for patients to accept. The magnetic elements associated with these devices are almost exclusively designed to accommodate specific applications in limited space. Because magnetic components are usually larger in size, raw materials and processing equipment are essential to achieving miniaturization.

Custom magnetic elements for implantable devices are typically composed of a skeleton transformer, a loop coil transformer, a molded feel, and an antenna with unique properties and shape characteristics to maximize compliance with specified standards. To this end, the practice of using a variety of core materials and shapes to optimize performance and meet the application requirements.

Most of the custom magnetic components used for implantable devices are the result of close cooperation between Medical Devices Parts device manufacturers and magnetic component engineers. Which involves how to balance the size, price and performance of the discussion, focusing on the use of space to consider the use of the most cost-effective devices. After the design of the components, but also the development of very strict manufacturing processes, control measures and test procedures to ensure that the size and magnetic performance of the highest quality and reliability.

Since only very small magnetic elements can be incorporated into implantable devices,Medical Devices Parts special assembly techniques have been developed in practice, and most assembly work is done under a microscope to ensure that the electrical and mechanical connections are intact. Use high-tech inspection equipment (such as optical measuring equipment) to measure the critical dimensions required for these devices.

Due to the tolerances and performance levels required for these devices, the function and appearance of the different magnetic elements have been greatly increased. Smaller form factors often require 3D CAD emulation for accurate component layout and prototyping. Some suppliers offer custom dies specially designed and manufactured to allow for smaller carriers.

In the manufacture of custom magnetic components,Medical Devices Parts the use of special air-core coil, skeleton and ring coil winding equipment. This device requires strict control of critical electrical requirements such as leakage inductance, parasitic capacitance, DCR, inductance matching and dielectric breakdown voltage. Specially designed test benches and fixtures allow accurate 100% monitoring and testing of these parameters. The use of these automated test benches allows data analysis in the design to improve manufacturability.

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