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Hdt3000 RFID Hf Mifare Handheld Reader Data Collector with Protocol ISO14443A/B

Basic Info

Read-Write Method:Non-Contact TypeInterface:Standard Serial Port
Type:SIM CardMaterial:PVC
Power Systems:Lithium Ion PowerFrequency:(13.56MHz)ISO14443A

RFID HF Mifare Handheld Reader with Protocol ISO14443A/B

The off-line hand-held reader designed for the Mifare One S50/S70(13.56MHz, ISO14443A) chip with GPRS function, its unique character display can read the information of the corresponding sector of the card through large screen via LCD display. Can be widely used in security certification, fake prevention, inspection, goods checking, information collection and other applications.

The Mifare one cards(13.56MHz) read and write, support ISO14443A;
SMS, GPRS/GSM wireless communicate module
CPU: ARM9, locked at up to 140MHz;
Display resolution factor: 160*160 lattice(Words: 10 rows and 10 lines);
Waterproof key-press: 27 individual, includes of number key, function key and power switch key;
Data memory: Lower power dissipation and bigger capacity RAM 8M Bytes; Flash Memory: 10M bytes;
Power systems: Lithium ion power(capacity: 2000mAh);
Security module: 2 PSAM cards standard;
Real-time clock, backup power suit.

PSAM agreementISO7816
Read distance3~6cm
GPRS module1.       SMS;
2.       Direct Access Teledata communication
Communication portStandard serial port
Support cardsNXP Mifare S50, S70 etc.
Charge powerSpecial charger
Environment temperature
²  work
²  storage
Humidity level30% till 85%RH
Industry gradeIP54
Attack text height1.5 meters
colorPicture reference
ProgramLinux, Support development
Language :C

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